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Source: Theme 1 of the Golden Quill Prompts/Shorts.
Rules: Sparked by the imagination through the moments of creation.
My progress:
The door closed with a thud. 
Angie tried the lock. It was closed. “Good.” She exhaled and hurried to her bed.
And old wooden clock stroke twelve times.
It was a lunch time, and her time to read the books. She retrieved to the bed chamber to hide behind the written fantasies. The worlds and the universes she loved to travel from her childhood. Even though she grew up, she never lost her interest in a good adventure story.
The room darkened.
Angie light up the lamp standing on the table. She shivered trying to adjust to the chill she always felt when the darkness surrounded her.
Long shadows danced on the walls.
Angie looked at the window.
It was still a day time, but huge grey clouds covered the sun, threatening to bring a storm.
Angie jumped on her bed. It sprang her up, and she bounced to the head board.
“Stupid, bed.” She gently massage an aching spot on her forehead. 
She felt the bump.
“It’s bruised,” she sighed, leaning under the bed to pull a book.
It was her recent discovery… the book laid covered in dust, behind the stacks of junk books in the school library.
“What a beauty!” Angied pulled a dusty leather book and sat on her blanket.
The cover was decorated with the iron scroll work, swirling and overlapping into the vines.
But what made Angie curious was the locket sealed with the pink wax in a shape of a flower.
“A secret?” Angie felt her heart beat raced and her thoughts rushed to the guessing game. 
“Or would it be empty?” Her eager cooled a little bit.
Angie breathed in and broke the seal with one quick impatient motion.
She flung the flap open and gasped.
Someone knocked at the door.
“Angie, let me in.” Rolanda, her chamber mate and her best friend whined outside, hitting the door with her shoes. “Open up at once or I am calling the principal.”
Characters: Angie- a highschool teenager. Rolanda- Angie’s best girlfriend; studying in the same classes.
Thoughts: Enjoy