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Source: Theme 2 of the Golden Quill Prompts/Shorts.
Rules: Sparked by the imagination through the moments of creation.
My progress:
Avon sat on the brick steps. Here he wanted to enjoy his breakfast.
“Avon, you better hurry,” a servant boy ran to him, huffing from a long run. “Master Regaldo wants to see you at once,” he said it in one breath.
“Why master wants to see me?” Avon tacked his food into the pocket inside the tunic.
“I don’t know exactly, but I heard it has to do with a missing scroll.”
“Speak it up. What scroll?” Avon knew the trouble with a missing or with a misplaced scrolls. His work called him to be the one who checks and sees that all the scrolls are safely put to the right place. “What scroll? I oversee a thousands of them.”
Avon shook the servant.
The boy gulped. “The New Royal Decree.”
“What?! How can it be missing. I put it myself to the shelf and secured with a royal stamp.” Avon knew his master will not hear the excuses and will punish him. A harsh punishment. 
He put a hand on his neck. 
For him the punishment will be hanging.
He couldn’t go back.
Not now.
“There is something else.” The servant boy pulled something from his tunic. “That’s for you. Keep it away and keep it safe. Destroy if you must, but don’t let it fall in other hands.” He was holding a scroll.
Avon unravelled the side. He knew it was a lost scroll his master Regaldo was looking for. “Why did you do that?” His voice was stern. “Don’t you realize my life in stake because of you?”
“Don’t you know the new Royal Decree condemned my people and me to the slavery and possible death?” The servant boy cried. “Keep it. Away. Lost.” He ran away.
Avon tied his tunic, hiding the scroll and ran toward the harbor.
Characters: Avon- a scribe apprentice. Regaldo- chief scribe in royal court. A servant boy- one of the many servants in the scribe library, serving Regaldo.
Thoughts: Enjoy

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