What a beautiful award! Thank you, Waywordness. You encourage me every day and I appreciate that.

Thank you for connecting me to the other lovely blogs and bloggers in Award Zone.

Directions are simple: thank the nominator, paste the image, state 7 random facts about yourself, and tag other 15 {more or less} bloggers.

Check first and second steps.

Here come my seven facts: I love four seasons, writing is my recent discovery {a year or two ago I wouldn’t imagine myself as a writer nor anΒ author; so I am amateur}, I like to self-study, my favorite movie genre are comedy and adventure, my fave book genre is a historic time travel fantasy, this award is the first one on this blog, and I love to doodle {a lot… some flowers, penguins, mice, etc…}.

I want to tag:

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  4. http://lumiereaucoeur.com
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  6. http://rlsharpe.wordpress.com
  7. http://myetchasketchlife.com
  8. http://thewriterscafe247.wordpress.com
  9. http://prolixme.wordpress.com
  10. http://jugglingcephalopod.wordpress.com
  11. http://mstranquility.com
  12. http://stringsofsoulfulness.wordpress.com
  13. http://kateloveton.wordpress.com
  14. http://crendina.wordpress.com
  15. http://dishingitoutwithclarissa.com

Enjoy. I send you smiles.