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Inspired by David Burton with 3Words Writing Challenge.

Rules: Write a 100 word story, using 10 highlighted words.

Highlighted words: ash-fire-capture-slide-quest-boots-Ice Age-mammoth-hunters-villagers

My work:

“Mamatoo,where are you? ” Carlinsee tried to pull himself up the frozen ladder. “Artuck and the hunters are leaving.”

“Ptss. I am here.” A boy’s head popped from the second floor. He slid his feet into the new arctic boots.

“What are you doing? Villagers will be furious if the fire will burn out.” Carlinsee watched his brother to take a spear.

“Fire will wait.” Mamatoo pulled up the bag with food provision from his twig-stuffed bedding. “I am going for a quest to capture my mammoth.” He painted his face with ash. ” I am the Ice Age descendent.”

Notes: Mamatoo, Carlinsee,- two prehistorical Artic boys, responsible for the fire; ready to sneak and see the mammoth hunt. Artuck- one of the elders, a leader of the Snow tribe.


What is your 100Way Ice Age Story? Do share in the comment box below.