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My Attempt: Enjoy.

Anna Louisa walked by the fountain. A fresh sprinkles of water splattered on her dress.

She lowered herself to the fountain foundation and slowly sat, looking at the water reflection rippling on the surface.

“When are you going to come home, dad?” She asked the reflection.

Her eighteenth birthday was celebrated in the mansion few yards away. She slipped from the loud company of dukes and duchesses, earls and musicians.

She wanted to be in quietness. She wanted to cry, away from the noble crowd.

“Dad, you promised you going to be here,” she sobbed. “Where are you? I’ve missed you for four years being away.”

Her father, Sir Isaac Lawrence De Malthferd, the Lord of the Malthferd settlement, was a royal officer, and second-in-command in the army.

She knew he was away on the important royal mission, four years passed and every year she waited for his return.

She picked a lily growing on the surface of the fountain.

“Tell me, flower, what should I do?” she whispered. “My heart feels trouble is coming.”

She remember this tight feeling, when her mother passed away from the fever. Anna Louisa was five, but she knew something was wrong, when her mom was put to the grave. The feeling of emptiness, and now she felt it gripping her heart. A worry flooded her mind.

She tacked the flower behind her ears, and walked to the main gates.

The horses and buggies filled the front yard.

She passed the guards and walked on the main street.

The sun was setting above the village huts. The fresh evening air caressed her cheeks.

She heard the hooves stumble from behind. A buggy was coming and she turned around.

The coachman jumped from the front seat to the ground and hurried to open the buggy door.

A man, covered in a cloak, stepped out for the door.

“Malthferd’s Mension, Your Royal Highness.” The coachman bowed before Prince Henri.

“I will be back in a moment. Be prepared to ride back to the palace.” Prince Henri ordered and walked through the mansion gates.

“Who goes there?” The guards said. “Are you in the list?”

“I need to talk to Anna Louisa.” Prince Henri said, waiting patiently at the gate.

“Look at you, popper. You better get out from here, or I let my dogs on you. Go on.” One of the guards said. “We are not the charity home.”

Prince Henri wanted to say something, but stopped remembering why he is here. He turned around and went back to his buggy, his red face showed his anger.

“Wait.” Anna Louisa called to the stranger. “Do you have news about my father?” She watched the man grab her and pull her into the buggy. “Go, Alfred. Go.”