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Source: Theme 3 of the Golden Quill Prompts/Shorts.
Rules: Sparked by the imagination through the moments of creation.
My progress:
Bella danced around the wooden table in the parlor.
“Sit down, Bella,” Mrs. Quintine said, fixing a flower arrangement on the table.”Your dad will come soon.”
Bella twirled one more time. Her new pink dress flattered and moved with every step she did, rising and falling.
A man walked from behind and covered her eyes. “Guess who is here?” he whispered.
She turned around, squalling… “Daddy.”
He kissed his girl and pulled a blue box from behind. “It’s for you.”
“What’s that?” She picked a box and unwrapped the white ribbon bow.
“Open it up and see.” He smiled, winking his eyes.
“Another trinket,” Mrs. Quintine said. “You spoiling her, honey.”
He stood up and pulled another present. “And this is for you, my spoiled queen.” He lined over and give her a long welcome-back kiss.
“Daddy, Mommy. Look what I’ve got.” Bella held a mini bottle and a little ship swam in water each time she shook or moved it. “A real ship.”
“The very ship I swam three weeks ago as a sailor,” he said. “Do you want to hear the story of a shipwreck, but only after the dinner?”
Three of them walked and seated behind the table.
“Tell us, Daddy. I want to hear it.” Belle put her new treasure on the table, leaning her head to see Dad.
“Then listen well,” he said, pulling a plate of hot baked potatoes. “One evening time, when the sun was settling on the horizon line…”
Characters: Bella- nine-years-old girl. Mrs. Quintine- her mom. Mr. Quintine- dad, sailor.
Thoughts: Enjoy
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