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Inspired by David Burton with 3Words Writing Challenge.

Rules: Write a 100 word story, using 10 highlighted words.

Highlighted words: accident-aquarium-crush-shattered-shark-fishturtle-fight-water-stones

My work:

“Come here, fishies.” Four-years-old Ross tapped the aquarium tank.

“Fish can’t come, only swim.” His elder brother Edgar said. “Look, shark is coming at you.” He teased Ross. “Let’s go and find mom.” He ran away.

Ross watched shark fight little fish.

Blue little turtle swam by and hid in the stones.

Shark smelled it and attacked, jerking turtle to left and right.

Big grey stone hit the glass, shattering the aquarium. Water squirted out from the crushed glass, sprinkling over Ross.

“Mommy, mommy.” He stood there wet and shaken. “It’s an accident. A fish peed on me,” he cried.

Notes: Ross and Edgar- two young brothers at the aquarium show.

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