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Source: Theme 4 of the Golden Quill Prompts/Shorts.
Rules: Sparked by the imagination through the moments of creation.
My progress:
 Manira paced down the Great Hall. “Let’s think it over.” She stopped and looked at the guards, who ignored her.
“Ok,girl. I went to sleep yesterday in my bedroom in the UK.” Her voice echoed in the golden hall. “It was my birthday. And I didn’t have any alcoholic beverages, just some ice tea. Then what am I doing here?”
She remembered her birthday cake and the wish before blowing the candles.
“It couldn’t work. It shouldn’t,” she whispered, still watching the guards and gazing at the building she appeared in this morning.
Manira backed away. “I need to get out from here.”
She tumbled upon the golden velvet chair. “Ouch.”
She raised and walk back to the door she walked through moments ago. “This door should bring me back.”
She passed through the guards who opened her a massive golden door. “Back to your chamber, Your Highness?” one of the guards said.
She didn’t answer.
The door closed behind her.
“When I went to bed, I wished upon the shooting star. Maybe that was the reason I am here.”
She ran to the window. “Shining Star, you should take me back.” She watched the sun shining  at the sky. The heat tickled her cheeks, burning it into the ruby color. She hid behind the golden curtain.
“Where am I? “She walked to the door, puzzled at her situation.
“What will my whining change? I am stuck here. And I don’t know the way out,” she whispered, turning her back to the door. She let herself slide down to the floor. “I want to be back to my normal life.”
She watched the golden dress laying on the royal bed, waiting for her to be put on.
“Your Highness, Lady Vitanie waits your order to walk in,” the guard asked. 
“Your Highness, I am here to help you with the wedding gown preparations,” a sweet woman’s voice resonate behind the door.
The door she didn’t want to open.
“A wedding?”
Manira set on the floor, afraid to say anything.
She heard some sounds coming from the window balcony.
The window opened and a hooded man came in, gesturing her to be quiet. The black mask was upon his eyes. 
Characters: Manira- nineteen-years-old student, had a birthday party and end up in her birthday wishes.
Vitanie- the royal dress-maker, and Lady-In-Waiting.
Thoughts: Enjoy
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