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Inspired by David Burton with 3Words Writing Challenge.

Rules: Write a 100 word story, using 10 highlighted words.

Highlighted words: dust-storm-wind-desert-camel-oasiswater-ruins-fall-wound

My work:

Elira covered her wound with a scarf, wincing from the sun heat. She crawled to the water.

The desert winds rustled the oasis trees, and whirled dust in her eyes. She knew the storm was coming. She raised her head.

Three Bedouin men watched her from the camel caravan. One of them hit the side of the camel, and the animal fell to its knees.

He grabbed Elira, and pulled her on the camel, tying with a rope.

The rest of men grinned and went to fill the water skins.  They traveled to the ruins, when the sandstorm hit them.

Notes: Elira-the foreign desert guide; abducted by group of Bedouins and ran away. Bedouins- abducted Elira.

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