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Prompt: A picture or a statue comes alive in the museum.

My Attempt:

The clanking sounds spread in an empty museum on the second floor. Tamira stopped in the hall.

“What we’ve got here?” She fixed one of the crooked paintings. “That’s better.”

She watched it with interest.

The painting of a wild bison stared back at her.

“Western Fathers,” Tamira read the label.

She remembered this particular piece was brought with a new shipment last week.

The wild bison was charging at her on the painting.

Suddenly, she can hear the clanks of its hooves beating the snow. She felt the rage in its being, mixed with a sorrow. She watched the bison’s eye flick and shut open with a bewildering stare.

The painting became alive.

Tamira backed away.

The danger was rushing toward her.

She shut her eyes.

The chilly air creped behind her casual cloth, coming deeper and deeper into her soul.

She knew a bison was at rage,because people destroyed its race, leaving a small number of the buffalo species.

It was charging at her, because she didn’t do anything to stop the slaughter.

She heard it run on the snow, closer and closer.

She screamed and fell on the floor of the museum, unable to open the eyes at that moment.

Thoughts: Tamira- the head manager of the Central Museum.

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