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Prompt: While scrolling through Facebook, a women sees a picture of herself in a post about fashion victims.

My Attempt:

Pollina scrolled down the Facebook page, looking for new posts.

It was chilly outside. The wind howled behind her shut windows.

She grabbed a cup of hot coffee and almost spilled, when she saw the next post.

A video popped on her screen and  turned to play.

Pollina’s face fumed.

A woman’s voice said, “Today I want to bring  fashion disaster photos we caught on our tape”.

On the screen Pollina saw herself  taking a downtown stroll by the fountain two days ago.

She grabbed the mouse and tried to type a complaint against the sender.

The bell rang.

“Shoot.” She dropped her coffee on the keyboards.

The screen froze and shut down.

“No!No! It burned?!” She threw her laptop to the floor.

The bell rang again, persisting the owner to come out.

“I am coming,” she cried. “ *** the computer. *** the visitors.”

She dashed to the door, forgetting about the spill stain on her white shirt.

The door knob got stuck.

She twisted it again. Now it opened, as she poked her head outside.

The same reporter lady, she saw minutes ago on the Facebook page, stood right in front of her.

“How dare you…” Pollina felt her anger rise.

“Hi, Pollina.” The lady smiled. “Don’t you remember me?”

Pollina stared in shock.

“It’s Stacy.” The woman whispered. “From the junior high?!”

Pollina remembered those orange curls.

“Stacy? What are you doing here?”

“Moving here to this neighborhood.” Stacy pulled a present from her back. “Happy Birthday, Polli-Trolly. Sorry about the Facebook prank.”

Thoughts: Enjoy

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