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Prompt: Two people get into a heated discussion on a busy city street.

My Attempt:

“You said you through with other men.” Charles pushed Marine to the iron gates of the Main Street Park. “And I believed you.”

“Let me go. It hurts.”  Marine whispered, hiding her tears away from him.

“It will hurt more when I am through with you.” He released her and  stormed out to the busy street.

She didn’t want to lose him.

“Wait up. It’s all misunderstanding.” She ran after him, grabbing his hand. “Would you stop for a minute and hear my explanation?”

“Seeing you with another man is not a misunderstanding. We are done.” He jerked a hand from her grip and turned around.

“But it was my brother. We talked…” She tried to explain.

An older brother who went missing in army, the one she wasn’t hoping to see again.

“You don’t have a brother,” Charles shouted, walking out on the road. He turned around in time to see a big truck coming his way.

“Cut. A car crash?! Really. Can’t we do something original?” Oscar threw the script to the floor. “Where is Melany? Where is my coffee?” He stormed out of the room, leaving everybody shocked.

“It’s a break, people.” His head disappeared through the door.

Thoughts: Enjoy

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