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Prompt: He makes movies. I didn’t ask what kind.

My Attempt:

Marcella Devanport checked her interview report. It was her first assignment as a journalist.

She flipped through the notebook, while chewing a plastic pen. “Found you,” she sighed, pleased with her report.

Two pages were scribbled by her fast handwriting.

She stopped the flipping.

The third page was missing.

She checked it again.

A ring that held the paper now had the scraps of ripped page as the evidence.

“Oh, no.” She dropped the pen. “How could that happen?”

A worry flooded her mind.

That’s not suppose to happen.

What she will tell her boss?

With a shaky hands she flipped it again.

“Maybe I tucked the paper in between.”

The thought gave a her a hope.


She couldn’t find it.

“Let’s see if I even need that page.”

She scanned the last line.

“He made movies. I didn’t asked what kind.”

Thoughts: Enjoy

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