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Prompt: A man decides to surprise his wife by bringing her lunch at work. When he gets there, he is told she hasn’t worked there in weeks.

My Attempt:

Travis rang  the bell. “I am going to end that today.”

Amanda opened the door. “Hi, Trev.”

“Evening. Can I talk to John right away?” Travis gave  a chocolate box. “It’s for you, Ama.”

“You alway tease me, brother. Do you want me to grow extra belly?”

“Don’t be silly. You would look amazing in any shape.”

“Go to John. He is in his study.”

Travis closed the door and followed Amanda inside.

She opened the office door.”John, Trev is here! I leave you boys here. That girl has a cake challenge to finish.”

“I assume you are here, because of Lisa,” John pointed to the chair, after the door was closed.

“I want you to stop suspecting her.” Travis slid to the black office chair. “I know you are a fair cop.”

“That’s why I brought some evidence today.” John stood up next to his table, and turned on his flat screen plasma TV.

The image of the jewelry store appeared on the screen.  A street was dark and still. But then, a hooded woman came to the door. And a store camera recorded a footage of her breaking in and stealing some jewelry.

“That’s not true.” Travis sat still.

“The camera video shows it clear. It’s your Lisa.”

“It couldn’t be her.”

“Then, can you tell me, where was Lisa at that night.”

“She was at her sister’s house celebrating Molly’s birthday.” Travis knew what it meant. Lisa was in trouble.

“You know I have to arrest her.” John turned off the video.

“I know. Can you give one day to talk to Lisa.”

John sighed. “Ok. But only one day. Then you will need to find a good lawyer for her.”

“Thanks for the footage. I better be going.” Travis left the house buried deep in thoughts.

“Lisa, what have you done?” He walked into their empty apartment, dropping the coat on the floor into the living room.

Lisa wasn’t home yet. She would come back from her sister’s house in six hours.

He needed a time to think, as he plumbed into the bed and fell asleep.

Just for a few hours

The clock was beeping.

Travis woke up and sat.

The timer had 8 o’clock burning in red.

He turned to see Lisa, but her spot was empty. She already left to her work.

“You have one day, Travis. Don’t blow it.”

He dressed and packed a lunch box. Today he is going to visit her.

When he pulled to her office, he sat still in the car for some time.

“Courage.” He gulped, and opened the door, bringing a lunch box and a flower bouquet.

“You said Lisa Skyller.” The receptionist looked at Travis suspiciously. “Sir, we don’t her in our documents here.”

“That cannot be. She works here.” He leaned over her. “Are you sure you have the up-to-date list.”

“I am sorry, sir. But I checked twice. No Lisa Skyller works here. I am afraid you have to leave.”

Travis walked out of the building, when the cell phone rang.

“Hi, John… Right now?! Yes, I will be there.”

Travis rushed to his car.

Lisa was in the custody, because of a new store robbery in the city mall this morning.

He drove to the police building and ran inside.

John met Travis, but said nothing. He led his friend to the investigation room, where Lisa sat.

She saw him, and lowered her head.

“If you have a lawyer, now is a good time to call.” John whispered.

Travis called his brother Max. When he turned off the phone, a new pair came into the room. A policeman and a young woman.

A woman that looked exactly like Lisa, but dirty and homeless.

“Apparently we have two Lisas here.” John said, looking on the report.

“I am Liza, not Lisa.” The woman barked. She turned and saw Lisa sitting next to the table.

“Hi, sis.” Lisa said, realizing who was robbing the stores and the malls.

Someone knocked at the door.

A man came in. He had the same face as Travis did.

“You here, Max.” Travis came to greet his twin.

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