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I am thankful and privileged to StoryTeller for nominating me with this award.

The award is given to a new bloggers discovered by a nominator.

Rules are simple: state 11 random facts so bloggers would know the nominees better, answer 11 questions, and pass the award to a newly discovered bloggers (eleven of them), and have fun.


  • I am ostrich by nature, I hid my head in the sand and pretend nobody sees me.
  • I am stuck most of my life.
  • Writing is one of my new discoveries.
  • I can be quiet and shy or very outspoken, and I never knew which personality I would put on the next situation.
  • Cars are not my fave to travel, I would rather fly with my wings.
  • Everyone else is better.
  • I love sea weed (dried and bbq).
  • Writing poems in English is something new to me.
  • 2014 is my year of writing… I had never written so much in my life as I did this year.
  • WordPress gave me the opportunity to discover the unlimited number of fellow bloggers.
  • I am a thinker, philosopher.

11 questions from nominator:

1. Explain yourself in three words? That’s would be heard, but I try…. slow, slower, the slowest (I think I did it right?). Oh, I forgot. I can talk a lot.

2. Your favorite meal to eat? Everything homemade.

3. Your favorite place to visit? My room.

4. Your hobby? Let me think…..I know the answer {thinking hard. Suddenly enlightened.}….Reading.

5. One book which you like to recommend? Hit. I wrote review here.

6. Your all time favorite movie? The Black Knight.

7. Your favorite quote which you like to share? “Everybody is born for a reason.”

8. Complete “Life is like a …..? Discovery/ Treasure.

9. Your inspiration for blogging? The fellow bloggers and my inner voice.

10. Any regrets in life? None… 

11. When did you last cry or laughed your heart out? So many things, I don’t know where to begin…. 

I think I begin with nominating eleven blogs that I discovered recently:

  1. thewhisperingpen.com
  2. infjramblings.wordpress.com
  3. writingbytheriver.wordpress.com
  4. georgetteann.wordpress.com
  5. enjoyyourchild.wordpress.com
  6. puritywaves.wordpress.com
  7. raddreamz.wordpress.com
  8. brothermurf.wordpress.com
  9. blessedart1111.wordpress.com
  10. prince2000ful.com
  11. jodove.com

And my questions to nominees are:

  • Best book ever read by you.
  • What would you choose? Cake or ice-cream
  • Summer or winter?
  • If you can lead any crowd, would it be quiet followers or loud, outspoken followers?
  • What was the biggest project that  you wanted to do and you did achieve this year or in life?
  • What new skill would you like to learn?
  • One tip about life.
  • Does your career resonates the passion and gifts you have?
  • What would you choose to have: a lot of money and no happiness or enough money and happiness?
  • Do you like to give or receive gifts on Holidays?
  • What will you wish for the people?

Best wishes for every blogger.