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biff and becka

Book: Biff and Becka’s Stupendous Vacation

Author: Elaine Beachy

Author’s Bio:

Elaine Beachy was born in Oregon to Amish-turned-Mennonite parents in 1946. The oldest of five children, she grew up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania with four brothers and helped with farm work, housework, gardening, and food preservation.

She enjoys spending time with family, and feels compelled to write books for children in a way that helps change the family and our culture.

Her author fan page address is http://www.facebook.com/author.elaine.beachy. Her second book, “Biff and Becka’s Stupendous Vacation” has a website at http://www.elainewrites4kids.com.

Elaine’s first book, “Biff and Becka’s Springtime Adventures,” is being re-published (due to that publisher’s bankruptcy)as a 2nd edition, titled “Biff and Becka’s Springtime Escapades.” Re-written and deeply edited, with additional chapters, more artwork, and sporting a new cover, the book should be released by WestBow Press near September 2014.

She is an avid reader and loves to entertain. Elaine also writes poetry and has written and facilitated women’s Bible studies in her home and loves to encourage people.

She received a Magnificent Woman award in February of 2009 at a Women’s Conference.

Married 46 years, Elaine and her husband Dave have been through some health and financial challenges, but have clung to their faith in God and overcome. They have three children and four grandchildren, and live in Manassas, VA, where they are active in Living Faith Church.

In 1992, Elaine received a diploma for completing the Special Publishing Course from the Institute of Children’s Literature of Redding Ridge, Connecticut. She is a member of the Northern Virginia Christian Writer’s Fellowship and attended the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference in August 2011 and the Super Saturday Writer’s Conference at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA in April 2013.

Blog/ Website: elaine-beachy.blogspot.com

Social Media: FacebookTwitter, Goodreads, Amazon

Genre: Christian Children Adventure

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Biff’s anticipated family vacation takes an unexpected turn. How will he deal with bitter disappointment? Is his summer ruined? Will he be humiliated by his friends? In interesting twists and turns, the author takes Biff and his rabbit family through a trying time that has a surprising outcome. Engaging questions for each chapter at the end encourage lively discussion between your child or grandchild and you. The author paints a picture of a godly home to give encouragement and guidance to parents who struggle and kids who hurt. Biff and Becka’s Stupendous Vacation helps your child know how to deal with disappointment. It also helps children relate to family and friends with honesty and respect.


I give it 5 stars out of 5.

Biff is a rabbit who plans all those cool stuff he wanted to do on the family vacations before the school starts, but only to find out the family won’t go on the vocation this year because of the money issues. He is very disappointed, and regrets he bragged about the vocation to his friend who can be a pain in the tail most of the times.

Mom proposed to have a staycation.

Biff and his sister Becky are for a big surprise, when they discovered and lived the best vacation ever right in their backyard.

But what happened during the vacations, read the book to be a part of Biff and Becka’s fun.

I love the positive massage and lessons behind the story. Entertaining, true, and fun.

The main characters behave like today’s kids behave.

* My review is based solemnly on my opinion.

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