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Source: Theme 7 of the Golden Quill Prompts/Shorts.
Rules: Sparked by the imagination through the moments of creation.
My progress:
“This one is broken,” Afilia sighted, throwing away the broken pot. “Do we even have the whole jars?”
She watched Rick, the delivery guy, to ship away their another order on flower pots for Mother’s Day.
 “Sorry, Afee, can’t help you.” Rick picked up the box, holding the door. “Gotta run.” He walked away. The door closed with a thud, leaving the bell jingle on the door frame.
“What should I do?” Afilia throw another pot into the dumpster container. “Chelsy want be here til tomorrow.” 
The new shipment won’t come til next week and she had some orders left to do.
“I have some pots at home that I don’t use. They will be just fine for the delivery.”
Afilia wiped her hands from the dirt mixed with the flower petals and closed the door, leaving unopened  broken clay jars packages on the counter. “Be back in a jiffy.”
Characters: Afilia- a flower arrangement manager. Chelsy- a flower store owner. Rick- delivery guy.
Thoughts: Enjoy
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