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Book: Frederick: A Story of Boundless Hope

Author: Frederick Ndabaramiye with Amy Parker

Author’s Bio:

As a fifteen year old boy in his native Rwanda, Frederick Ndabaramiye was dragged from a bus and brutally attacked by Interahamwe rebels.  When he refused to kill 18 fellow passengers the rebels hacked off Frederick’s hand with machetes, made him watch as they killed the others and left him for dead.  After a year in the hospital, Frederick found his way to the Imbabazi, an orphanage started by American Roseamond Carr in the aftermath of the genocide.  Most of Frederick’s family had been slaughtered and his mother, who remained alive, did not have the resources to care for him after his lost his hands.

In 2003, Partners in Conservation, an arm of The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, arranged for Frederick to come to Columbus to receive prosthetic arms. All medical and prosthetic expenses were provided to Frederick at no expense to him.

A film crew from ABC‘s Prime Time television show spent a week in Columbus documenting Frederic’s daily activities and Charlie Gibson, host of Prime Time, interviewed Frederic. The segment titled – Frederic’s Story – aired November 27, 2003. Frederic thanked people at the Columbus Zoo for giving him an opportunity to be independent again, and stated that he was determined to do something to help improve the lives of other disabled people.
“The Columbus Zoo gave me a chance to be independent again and now I want to help other people who are just like me.” Frederick Ndabaramiye.

Frederick is co-founder, along with Zachary Dusingizimana, of the Ubumwe Community Center (UCC) in Gisenyi, Rwanda.  UCC helps disabled Rwandan adults and children to live productive and independent lives. UCC offers education, job skills and training, meals, and artisan training to people of all abilities.

Fredrick conveys the devastating details of being a victim of the cultural hatred and genocide in Rwanda.  Fredrick now preaches the work of forgiveness while running his Ubumwe Community Center for disabled adults and children.”

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Amy Parker has written more than thirty books for children, teens, and adults, including the best-selling A Night Night Prayer,Thank You, God, for Mommy, andThank You, God, for Daddy. She has collaborated with authors ranging from New York Times bestsellers to her very own son. Two of these collaborations—Firebird andCourageous Teens—are recipients ofChristian Retailing’s Best Awards. But Amy’s greatest reward is being a wife to Daniel and a mom to their amazing sons, Michael and Ethan.

Amy is represented by Working Title Agency.

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Genre: Christian Biography

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“My God won’t let me do that.”

These seven words of boundless hope would irreversibly change the life of the teenage boy who spoke them.

On April 7, 1994 the life of Frederick Ndabaramiye and his family changed forever as the Rwandan genocide erupted in their homeland. When Frederick faced those same genocidaires a few years later, he noted the machete that hung from the right hand closest to him and wondered if his would soon be added to the layers of dried blood that clung to the blade. Either way, young Frederick knew that he wouldn’t be able to carry out the orders just given to him, to raise that blade against the other passengers of the bus, regardless of the race marked on their identity cards.

That bold decision would cause Frederick to lose his hands. But what the killers meant for harm, God intended for good. The cords that bound him served as a tourniquet, saving his life when his hands were hacked away. This new disability eventually fueled Frederick’s passion to show the world that disabilities do not have to stop you from living a life of undeniable purpose. From that passion, the Ubumwe Community Center was born, where “people like me” come to discover their own purposes and abilities despite their circumstances.

Through miraculous mercy and divine appointment, Frederick forgives those who harmed him and goes on to fully grasp his God-given mission. In this extraordinary true story of forgiveness, faith, and hope, you will be challenged, convicted, and forever converted to a believer of the impossible.


A story of a brave teenager who became a hope and inspiration for many people: disabled, broken, and without hope. He teaches people to have hope again in any matters in life. God is bigger than any dangerous situation in life.

He showed that not having hands shouldn’t stop people from achieving and living the best whom God called people to be.

It’s a story of terrible manslaughter, pain, and genocide that brought force incredible amount of hope to produce happiness, stability, and joy to the Rwanda country.

I love this story of God’s healing power and His unmistakable grace and goodness over every life.

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