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My Attempt: Enjoy.


Lady Ninel Jozeta ducked when she heard the command from behind, but it didn’t help her to avoid the collision.

The clumsy mid-aged male servant released dessert platter over her head. All the content in the glasses ended up on her beautiful blue dress and  some hanged from her hair.

The ladies and gents stopped the gossip. Music seized from the playful tune and the ballroom became quiet.

Lady Ninel Jozeta could hear her heartbeat in the room, pulsating and  booming through her veins.

What she should do now?

Her new footwear gave in under her and she fell on the floor, blushing from her humiliation  in front of the royal and noble participant of the Great Masquerade.

“Who is that lady in the blue mask?” She heard whispers spread across the ballroom.

The servant fled to the kitchen without offering any help to her.

She tried to stand up, but her chiffon dress slid on slipper glass, and she ended up on the floor again.

“May I help you, Milady?”

She looked up and saw a hand stretched to her.

“Let me help you?”

She refused to look in the face of gentleman who stood there, waiting for her hand.

Is her mask straight? 

She touched her mask, ensuring it was in place.

The rubbery blue mask set tight on her pale face.

Will anybody recognize her? Will they know she was an impostor in the room on the mission to steal the royal crown which belonged to her by birth?