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Created by: David Burton (just1more, economyedits)

3Words: GINGERBREAD, FROSTY, COLLY (as in bird)


Snow Angels

“I see you never lost your humor string, Colly pigeon.” Scrooge fixed his tie.  “But no time to chat. So long and frosty farewell.” He rubbed the ring furiously.  The thick blue fog covered the penguins, and when it lifted they were gone.

Jeremy ran to untie the rope.

“Who were those penguins? Where did they go?” Ms. Robenson wiggled her hands to free herself. “And why they took my ring?”

“Explanation are for later,” Jeremy said. “But first thing is do you have any gingerbread?”

“There is some in the kitchen.”

She watched the little man ran to her kitchen.