December is the month of Christmas, festivity, and food. Not to mention zillion cones laying under the tree on the streets and backyards.

If you have some cones near by that you can collect or buy from the local craft shops, now is the time to get them.

Here some ideas to make my place more festive: images came from Google search…


  • Pine Cone Flowers {Source is here} Steps: cut pinecone base, do it four times; arrange them in glass holder/container in four corners; take the top leftovers and separate the needles; glue these needles to the cut out brown felt in a circular motion; glue the button/bead on top; place it in a center of container; and you are done.


  • Pine Cone Tree Steps: A. Color cone with green paint; dab the edges with white paint; glue the star on top; and “plant” the “tree” into the mini pot. Β B. Remove the top of Christmas decoration ball; top with moss, and glue the cone; adorn the “tree” with pearls or beads.


  • Pine Cone Wreath Steps: the picture is crystal clear, all you need is cones, paint, and little holiday ornaments. But it you are tired of prickly cones, here is the alternative for cone-shaped wreath out of paper.


  • Β Here is a little Christmas Cone Figurines Steps:A.Needs some green felt, white felt, toy stuffing, black sharpie, cone, mini bells and a hot glue gun. Out of green felt triangle and glue the sides in shape of hat, glue the bell; cut out white circle and fill with stuffing, gather the sides to make a round ball; draw eyes, and attach to the hat; glue the scarf, and attach the cone. B. Cut the cone, and add some light brown strings to the face, glue black seeds to eyes and nose.

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  • Cone-Shaped Goodies:

d49881684be181b302ee23f599c2e347_sHot Cocoa and Marshmallow Mix

pinecone-cheeseball-248x250Cheese Ball Appetizer {Recipe is here}

Pinecone-After-Squirrel-Heart-58826Another Cheese Ball {Recipe is here}

PS> Merry Christmas and happy pine cone diy hunting. Stay warm.