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Created by: David Burton (just1more, economyedits)



Snow Angels

“Are we there yet?” Jimy wiped his eyes. “Or are we still flying?”

‘’You will be flying if you are not going to hold on to the sides of that manger?” Jeremy chuckled. “Should I say falling?”

Jimy woke up.  He saw he was in manger and some polar bear was eating grass from it. Other creatures like penguins, seals and walruses walked by to whatever business they were doing.

“There is a bear?” Jimy screamed, and hopped from the manger.

“Shhh… Don’t make so much noise, kid.” Jeremy held a cup. “Hot cocoa for you.”

“Where am I?”

“Welcome to Polar Headquarters. You are in Dasher’s suits.” Jeremy smiled.


“We are Advent Squad, a secret spies for Santa.”