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Created by: David Burton (just1more, economyedits)



Snow Angels

“Do I know you?” Jimy touched the man. Same green eyes embraced with bushy reddish hair. “You look familiar.”

“Dah. Because he is my twin, Remy.”

They threw icicles toward each other, not appreciating the family bond. Brothers by blood, stranger by heart.

“Why, this is not a way to greet you brother, Remy.” A deep laughing voice came from the  chimney. “Do you want to be in a naughty list.”

Jimy watched a grey beard appeared through the entrance, and then the red-suited man dropped from the chimney way.

“Mr. Clouse! Sir…” Jeremy mumbled, stunned to see his boss stack to the chimney.

“Promise you will keep peace this year!” Santa tried to pull himself out. “Little help here.”

“Sir, allow us to help.” Jeremy and Remy pulled the MAN out. But Santa kept laughing, laying on the ground with his face down.

“You wonder what I am doing in the chimney…?!” Santa laughed. “My partridge ran away, and I wanted to catch it.”