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Created by: David Burton (just1more, economyedits)



Snow Angels

“Sir, I think those penguins unleashed the snow avalanche.” Remy broke through the door.

“We need miracle here, sir.”

“You are right. We need everyone in the Main Hall.” Santa cleared his throat. “Gather immediately.”

Jeremy flew away to call everyone who was connected with Past and Present.

The hustle to save Christmas.

Every creature came to the Main Hall to join with Santa and his Helpers to save Wonderland.

“Comrades and mates of the Wonderland. I know you noticed a snow dilemma not only on Earth, but in here.” Santa said, trying to bring believe and hope even through the uncontrollable weather. He knew it was dangerous, and he was powerless to stop the avalanche.  “We can stop the avalanche together. Snow angels, take your stand.”