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Horse in the Wilderness by Debbie Eckles

A missing horse. A missing boy. A vandal with an unexplained grievance against a local farmer. A young woman who drives as though pursued by demons.

An impulsive offer to help locate the missing horse draws Brent Travis unwillingly into the affairs of the Parker family. Are they the gracious, God-fearing Christians they appear to be, or are they the hypocrites of Brent’s past experience?

Autumn Parker’s friendly jibe—quitter—cuts closer than she knows to the heart of the man who has lost his faith in God, in honor, and in loyalty. Caught in a battle between the forces of depression telling him he has nothing to live for and the opportunity to build a new life for himself in rural Orchard Springs, Arkansas, Brent is forced to re-examine everything he believes.

When the vandal strikes again, Brent takes the harshest blow yet—and this time he may not recover.

My thoughts: 3 out of 5 stars

Very detailed story with lots of climaxes and back-stories. Full of complex multiple characters and their emotions. 

I love horses and a missing horse will set many other events in the story. But for me excess in the details makes it a little bit hard to focus on a specific event or character.

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