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Tale of the Penitent Thief  by Don Willis….

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What”s the book about? 

Arguably the most influential figure in human history was Jesus Christ. Wars were fought in his name. In his name many nations rose, and many nations fell. Many prominent leaders gained power from him, and many others were persecuted and killed for their belief in him.

It has been said that over 6 billion Bibles have been printed in almost every language, and countless other millions of stories, books, and films have told the story of his life. Yet, he died with two men by his side, and history knows almost nothing about them.

Until now.

Young Dismas and his brother Jotham are blissfully unaware of the lifelong journey that awaits them soon after their encounter with the young girl, Mary, her husband, Joseph, and their baby, Jesus. Their lives will soon take a very cruel turn that leads through hurt, hardship, betrayal, and murder.

Along the way, they make unlikely alliances with Tiran and Gestas, two known criminals with a penchant for theft and murder. It is a path that will ultimately lead them all to intersect with their brutal destinies.

Throughout their journey, their lives will intersect with some of the most famous figures of the Bible, and they will learn about love, faith, and the most powerful weapon against sin… forgiveness.

Genre? Christian Fiction

Where can you find the book? on Amazon here.

My opinion: 5 stars out of 5.

Tale of the Penitent Thief is one engaging story about two brothers who lived during Jesus time. It’s the story of messed up lives, regrets, shame and murder, and how Jesus gave hope and new life. A story of two brothers who had the privilege to watch Jesus come to this world, and who grew up to be everything their mother thought not about them to become. But with the hardship and struggles unfolding in their lives, one ends up to be murdered and other – on the cross with Jesus.

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