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Nuts About Nuts  by Shir Guez

Parents, do your children refuse to eat healthy food? Do your children eat unhealthy snacks?
Well, the best way to change it is to explain how good food helps them.

The good news is, the younger they are, the easier they adjust to new healthy habits! Even if it doesn’t seem so at the moment 
And even better news is that they don’t have to stop snacking because nuts are both nutritious and delicious!
Yes, they don’t need to choose between taste and health, because nuts have it all!
The book Nuts about Nuts explores the amazing world of nuts, while making it short, simple, and fun to learn!

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I give it 5 out of 5.

Many times I wondered what good comes from nuts. I love nuts and enjoy eating them, but had questions about their nutrition and how does it affect my body. This book provides many answers about nuts, where did they come from and  how to eat them to enjoy full benefit in one’s diet.

This book is a great source of vital information for children to learn and enjoy.

PS. I would love to give thanks to the author for giving me a chance to read and review the book.