3 days.  3 quotes.  3 nominees.  Mind three rules…

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days (one quote per day).
  • Nominate three bloggers each day

Well, well… new challenge tag upon my blog…. thanks to a friend from the Invisible World by Megan…It’s been for a while, but here we go…

First is first, I am grateful to Invisible World blog for the inspiration and deep writings, full of twists and refreshing images. You capture my imagination, and I am grateful.

I am a dreamer…or a sleepy head ?! Need to ponder more about that:)

Dreams are tricky: imaginable, achievable, or impossible- they all have a sweet and adventurous ring to it, and sometimes its loud bang makes my heart deaf from all the noise and passion exuding from it.

But  never forget this:


Challenge is done…at least for the first day- two to go (big maybe here). But with a challenge comes creativity, and that why I challenge those three next individuals:

As for everyone else, I am glad to meet you on this page. And if you decide to follow the challenge, please do send me a link. Best wishes.