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Sweet as Fruit by Shir Guez…

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What”s the book about? 

Children’s book Sweet as Fruit is all about healthy eating of fruits! The book is a collection of fun nutritional facts for kids that introduces your child to the rich, colorful, delicious, and nutritious world of fruits! This kids’ book is filled with delightful illustrations for kids. It is appropriate for both beginner readers and for parents to read aloud for their younger kids.
Children will learn the value of nourishing the body with good food.
A great bonus in the end of the book: a free game for kids and for the whole family!
This is the second book in the book series “Nutrildren – Nutrition for Children”.
This book is ideal for preschool kids to elementary school kids.
Recommended for ages 4-11.

Genre? Children, Short encyclopedia

Where can you find the book? on Amazon here.

My opinion: 5 stars out of 5.

Every time I take books in my hand, or read as an e-books, written by Shir Guez, I grow to know more things about food. She knows the importance to eat healthy, not only nuts, legumes, but also fruits… and she delivers great pages of information for children, as well as their parents, to know about the fruit world. She draws children to love their fruits, and with colorful images and fun facts she makes her book interesting, educational, and practical.

Provided as a complementary copy from an author.