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Tammy meets William Tell (The Wurtherington Diary: Book 5) by Reynold Jay, illustrated by Duy Truong

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What”s the book about? 

Follow alongside of ten-year-old Tammy Wurtherington, the little doll girl from River Falls, Ohio in this rollicking new adventure that is sure to delight any youngster. Her cute associates, Cedric the Mongoose, Zeke the orphaned opossum, and Alfred the mouse accompany her in this trip through history in which they must see that the space-time continuum is maintained in seeing that the birth of freedom in 1307 in Switzerland goes off without a hitch. Tammy tells another spellbinding tale of adventure, this time alongside of William Tell. As with all the Wurtherington Diary books, this one abounds in developing worthwhile feelings for its young readers. Things like honesty, compassion, and respect for others abound on very page.
In this fun filled tale, Tammy and her associates must see that the Rutli Oath is signed by the three canton leaders of Switzerland. Then they must accompany William Tell to the village square in Altdorf on that fateful day when William Tell refused to bow to a hat on a pole placed there by the cruel Governor Gessler.
This story answers for all time the true events of the day that became a legend in the struggle for Swiss freedom. You will discover that elves of Little Schwyz participated in the Battle at Morgarten a few years later where Tammy and William Tell lure Duke Leopold ‘s army into a trap. Tammy’s Diary (as always) is a historically accurate accounting of the events that turned the course of history.
Whether you are a young reader or a parent/educator, everyone will enjoy this remarkable tale of a wonderful little girl who became a legend in her efforts to “nudge” history and see that the Dark Ages battle for freedom began without a hitch.  

Genre? Historical/ Fantasy/ Time travel/ Alice in the Wonderland

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My opinion: 4 stars out of 5.

Starting from beginning, Tammy is a girl who became orphaned at pretty young age. She doesn’t remember her mom, only a little picture helps her to recognize she had her mother once. Her aunt took her in as a prime caretaker, and gave all the love a girl could ever ask. 

Once Tammy asked her aunty to buy her the sewing machine. Finally on her birthday she received her most wanted gift. She started to sew dolls and puppets. And when she was finishing one of her projects, she saw a mouse on her table. The mouse talked to her… His name was Alfred. He wanted to return to his homeland Kira. Curious how this Kira looks, Tammy begs the talking mouse to take her with him… And he did… From that moment new adventures followed. 

First, illustrations are great. And the story line is very interesting. The stories set in the Medieval-kinda feel.

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