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Slow Fires (Mastering New Ways to Braise, Roast, and Grill) by Justin Smillie and Kitty Greenwald…

What”s the book about? 

A diligent crisping, a murmuring simmer, a slow roast, a ripping hot sear: mastery of the subtleties of heat and time is Justin Smillie’s hallmark. In this book, the celebrated chef of Upland explores the fundamental techniques of braising, roasting, and grilling–and shows you how to see them in new ways, to learn the rules to break them.
The chapters begin with thorough lessons on these basic methods. From there, the recipes evolve to feature variations on the techniques, altering ratios of moisture, intensities of heat, reversing expected processes. Sometimes the techniques are surprising, like braising chicken leggs in the juices created by overcrowding a pan of peppers. And sometimes the results are unbelievable, like tender peppercorn-crusted short ribs, made by first steaming the ribs before searing them to a spicy crisp.
This is a book about delighting in the details, about cooking by hand, about learning to see and smell and touch like a modern master. It’s a book you will keep, read, learn, and cook from for years to come.

Genre? Cookbook

Where can you find the book? on Amazon here.

My opinion: 5 stars out of 5.

Got it and went straight to my comfy reading spot. I like how the authors from the first page explained the way to braise, roast and grill. The main rules are there, but sometimes they can be broken in order to get creative recipes and delicious heritage.

Love every recipe, and here we have 80 of them, with a photo of a final dish, and the steps to plan ahead, prepare and enjoy the meal. The book is quiet thick, but gives this touch, feel and weight of the cookbook that will be passed on to the next generations as a keepsake that beholds treasures and wealth of information to delicious recipes, and those who are brave enough to try some of them will hit the gold ore mine.

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