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Annoure and the Dragon Ships by Heidi Skarie.

Little description:  The story begins in 794 A.D. Annoure, a young noblewoman, is abducted during the second Viking raid on England. During the rough voyage to Norway, Annoure sparks a feud between her captor Thorstein and another warrior. The adventure it incites calls on Annoure’s courage and Druid training as she struggles to survive strange lands, people and customs in her quest to return home. Thorstein’s skills as a warrior, navigator, and sailor are challenged in epic battles that strain lifelong friendships. He risks all in his search for Annoure, trying to help win back her freedom–and ultimately her love.

Genre: Historical Fiction,  Norse & Icelandic Saga

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Annoure is a strong-willed young woman, who knows what she can do when she wants something, even going to the forbidden forest with an old oak, a tree used as a place of ceremonies for druids. Even her brother urged her to get away from here. He thought the place to be hunted and evil. But yet it made her desire to visit it again even more. She was challenged and she wanted to come back there again. And one morning she get away for her guardians and sneaked into the forest, only to find herself dreaming again under the main old oak about a blue-eyed druid whom she knew will be her friend. A warning came from her another vision about Dragon boats… to be beware of them. 

Annoure led the horse back, when she spotted five ships coming to the shore. She was puzzled, because it was too early for the trade hour. She was watching the ships to pass by, when the arrow came flying toward her. She ducked in time, yet she realized they were invaders coming to raid her town. She galloped as fast as she could to warn her people, but time wasn’t her helper.

Her life was turned upside-down when the Norsemen came in  attacking and putting all to flames. Her free life came to ashes, when she was captured and forced to be moved to another culture and civilizations of Norsemen.

Nobody could take away her freedom, or so Annoure thought when a man from her dreams came to steal her heart away.

 A lovely historical book full of surprises, danger, duels, compassion, heroism and a compulsive woman who only knows to follow her heart.