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Fermentation for Beginners: The Simple Step By Step Guide to Fermenting Vegetables, Foods and Beverages by Heather Crawford.

Little description: Realize The Amazing Health Benefits Of Fermentation With This Excellent Step-By-Step Beginners Guide!

This book “Fermentation for Beginners” will reveal a great understanding and appreciation of the amazing gastronomical and health benefits of fermenting foods.

Practice does help you make perfect fermented vegetables, foods, and beverages in the long run and this fermentation cookbook contains proven steps and strategies on fermenting vegetables and other foods in the comfort of your home, while having fun learning it as well as taking advantage of the numerous health benefits they provide.

Fermented vegetables, foods, and beverages are not only delightful gastronomic treats – they are extremely abundant sources of nutrients that your body needs. Fermentation is the driving force behind the products that we enjoy consuming, such as cheese, sauerkraut, wine, yogurt, kimchi, corned beef, beer, and bread. A healthier digestion and more delicious foods are at your fingertips because of fermentation.

Genre: Cookbook, Canning and Preserving

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Learn about benefits from fermentation, how and why to ferment the food. Heather Crawford provides first-hand info about process. Step-by-step, she leads all brave souls to start and be successful in fermenting.  The recipes follows with the easy instructions, and here is few names of foods to try: Peperoncini Pickles, Garlic Redishes, Dill Green Beans, Watermelon Radishes in Sauerkraut Juice, Fermented Jalapeno Bits, Garlic Cucumbers, Egg Pickles, Yummy Yogurt, Bubbly Lemonade, Old-style Root Beer, All-Natural Ginger Ale, Simple Kefir Soda, and more.

The author also included preview of ‘The 28 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan’.

I want to learn to ferment and this book will help me with the process. 

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