pbc3     Tony and I were lounging at home and I said “I want chocolate!” I jumped up and ran downstairs to see what I could find in our kitchen. I found a bag of organic, 60% cacao dark chocolate chips from the farmer’s market, and about a handful of raw almonds that I had leftover from a trail mix I put together for our most recent hike.  I grabbed the jar of organic peanut butter (smooth) and Mediterranean sea salt, and that was all I needed to mix a sweet-tooth fix.

     I put on a record and started playing in the kitchen. I was feeling whimsical and didn’t measure out any of the ingredients; I just sort of followed my instinct. If I had to guess, I’d say I used about:

8 oz. of organic cacao dark chocolate chips

4 ½ tbsp. of organic peanut butter

6 pinches of sea salt

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