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Vikings: A History of the Viking Age  by Robert Carlson.

Little description: This is an excellent introduction to the history of this often misunderstood time. Although it is a story written in broad strokes, of an extremely complicated period, particularly in the development of Britain, the author has peppered it with some fascinating details of the people and the events of the time.

Inside you will read about…

✓ The Ship Builders
✓ Life in Scandinavia
✓ “The Fury From the North”
✓ Expansion Beyond the British Isles
✓ And much more!

She has also taken care to include extracts from some of the contemporary comment that is available. The extracts from the extravagantly presented poetic oral traditions allow the reader a glimpse into what it might have been like to be there. The text will certainly enable you to decide what further aspects of the history of the Middle Ages you might like to explore.

Genre: History/ Scandinavia/ The Viking Age

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

History is one of my favorite subjects, especially Worlds History from Prehistoric, to Medieval Ages, to the Exploration Era…. Those left me fascinating, and daydreaming about stories,heroes, heroines, legends. I often think about daily lives, sacrifices, adventure, and hardship people endured to survive and make their living more vibrant. Their courage, bravery, honesty, and loyalty marvels me. But there is always a dark side of the story: plague, bloodshed, hurt, pride, and fame that destroyed many families, pulling great dynasties down…

The Viking Age is one of the mysterious periods of our history. The author made a great job bringing the information together. What is myth and what is truth are the questions the historians ask about any age and era.

The book is short, but explains the simple ways of people which now we call Vikings. Curious to know their story, their lifestyle, then read this book.

PS. This book was provided by Johan for my review.