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The Crusades: A History From Beginning to End by Henry Freeman.

Little description: Much has been written and much has been omitted when it comes to the Crusades; especially in modern parlance. Many talking heads in recent times have conjured up the specter of the Crusades as if it should be a source of great shame and disgust for Western Civilization. And with even President Obama drawing odd parallels in light of the beheadings of ISIS; many are wondering once again what all of this “Crusades talk” is all about.
Inside you will read about…
✓ Backing Up Byzantium
✓ All Out Holy War
✓ The Kingdom of Heaven
✓ The King’s Crusade
✓ The Self-Defeating Crusade
✓ The Final Crusades
✓ The Post-Crusade World

The Crusades took place over a thousand years ago, and yet we currently live in a modern day world of unspeakable terror. Islamic extremists are disrupting the entire planet, murdering, raping and enslaving everyone they encounter. Committing brutalities on a scale that rivals some of the worst abuses of the dark ages and yet people still point to the Crusades as if it is supposed to mean something. Ok, that’s fine. If detractors wish to point their finger and call out history, let’s find the truth, and let’s find out what really happened.

Genre: History/ Crusaders

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Travel with the tired, wounded knights and simple men who had one quest in their hearts through out all Medieval Ages… to restore Holy Land to the rightful people. Every steps of each Crusade path filled with fear, terror, and bloodshed. Hard times to both sides…

Figure who is rights and who is wrong? Was it necessary? Those are the questions I have asked myself when I read the book.  Though the author did an excellent job with mini history series…

PS. This book was provided by Johan for my review.