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Light of the Last by Chuck Black.

Little description: To Fight What Others Can’t You Must See What Others Don’t

After an accident left him temporarily blind, Drew Carter didn’t just regain his sight. He now sees what others can’t imagine–an entire spiritual realm of mighty beings at war.
Forget the gift, Drew just wants his life back. Part of that involves Sydney Carlyle, a woman he is inexplicably drawn to. When he’s offered the chance to become a CIA agent, it seems the way to redeem his past. The only problem–his visions of the supernatural realm are increasing in frequency.
It’s up to the warrior angel Validus and his hand-picked team of heavenly agents to protect the unbelieving Drew. Validus now knows that the young man is at the epicenter of a global spiritual war, and the angels must use a millennia of battle experience keep Drew alive, for the Fallen want him dead.
Surrounded by spiritual warriors and targeted by demons, Drew’s faced with an impossible decision that will forever alter the destiny of America…and his own soul.

Genre: Christian Fiction/Fantasy/Action

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

All books form these series focus on the particular characters rather than story/event-driven. It packed with the visible and invisible threats coming after Carter and his secret identity.

It has intense situations and packed with action battles light vs dark invaders. It is an awesome ride to learn more about angelic activities for those who are curious to know what the guardians and warrior angels might do at this moment. Clash of swords, wounds, casualties… more crimes and dark schemes come into the play. The End  just begins.

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