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Pâtisserie can be healthier and delicious!  There’s a trend towards superfoods and clean living but why not compromise and have desserts with both healthy and ‘decadent’ ingredients?  We’ll whip up a genoise sponge with flour, ground almonds, cornflour and xylitol (a birch sugar substitute) then soak it with maple syrup and kirsch cherry liqueur.  The gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free vanilla crème pâtissière is made with oat or almond milk and combined with natural greek-style yoghurt and gelatine for a deliciously light creamy filling.  The Italian meringue topping requires sugar but it’s a lovely layer browned with a blowtorch or dusted with a little gold powder and decorative sprinkles. Then there’s the surprise strawberry treasure trove inside.  Fraises is French for strawberries and they’re definitely the hero in this healthier Fraisier.  Hip hip … !  🙂

Healthier Fraisier (strawberry cake)


To construct this cake I used some techniques and the…

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