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Rangeela Tales Book 2 by  Gita V. Reddy.

Little description: Navjyot rescues a near-to-death parrot and wins his trust. The parrot, Rangeela, has exceptional skills. He can speak and understand human speech. Instead of flying free, he chooses to live with Navjyot provided he promises to keep his talking skills a secret. Very soon they become the best of friends and have loads of fun, adventures, and sometimes, spats.
Rangeela Tales is a series of stories about the duo, and also about Navjyot’s nosy cousin, Nimi, and her black cat, Robber, who is on a mission to end Rangeela’s existence.

1. Rangeela and the Old Foe
2. Rangeela Plays his Part
3. Rangeela and Robber Again
4. Rangeela to the Rescue
4. Rangeela Saves the Day
6. Rangeela is Furious.

Genre: Children’s Book/ Fiction/ Animal Adventure

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Like any other pet, Rangeela sleeps in the cage, but only because mean cat Robber wants to eat him. Rangeela is the parrot who has a secret. While trying to escape to his freedom, he faints in the garden. Robber finds him and was about to have the bird for his lunch, when a boy saved him for the certain death. While they bond with the friendship, Rangeela shares his secret with the boy…. An ability to talk and understand humans is cool, but it almost cost him life in many occasions. 

While living adventurous life with his human friend Navjyot, Rangeela has his nightmares to fight. Scared at night, yet free during the day, the parrots learned that his worst nightmare materialized one day with the suspicious child kidnapping. Rangeela knows the kidnappers but will the human adults trust the bird to handle the situation and save the children from the same fate he once suffered. Yet there are another dangerous encounters with the cat Robber….Will the cat finely get him for good?

P.S. Ebook was provided by Gita Reddy