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Never Ever  by Gita V Reddy.

Little description: After thirteen years of marriage, Raj utters the D-Word, and it reverberates between him and his hearing impaired wife, Divya.
Never Ever is a story about love, marriage, divorce, and commitment.

Genre: Fiction/ Short Stories/ Family Life

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

The first line of the book sets the heart of the book: “Maybe we should get a divorce,” Raj said, as Divya looked away. It carries the weighty weariness and hardship that brought distance between the couple. The more they struggled, the more they became estranged toward each other. Divya actually wanted to enforced the divorce. But I love what Gita had chosen for the ending… they made the promises to each other, whether they talk, or even argue, they will never let go of each other, will not separate.

A story of family. With every decisions made in there will greatly affect everyone on the board.

P.S. Ebook was provided by Gita Reddy