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The Secret Language of Dogs  by Victoria Stilwell.

Little description: The star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog Victoria Stilwell reveals how to both interpret and “speak” the hidden language of dogs. 

Recent studies into the minds of canines show that they have a rich social intelligence and a physical and vocal language as complex and subtle as our own. In this fun and fascinating guide, world-renowned trainer Victoria Stilwell explores the inner world of dogs. This book is your guide to understanding your pooch, communicating effectively, strengthening your bond, and helping dogs learn in the most effective way possible so they feel confident navigating the human world with success.

Along the way, you’ll learn the answers to questions such as:
• What do different tail wags mean?
• What does being right-pawed say about my dog’s personality?
• How can I tell the difference between boredom barking and warning barking?
• What does it mean when my dog spins around, arches his back, or gives me the whale eye?
• Do dogs feel guilt?
• How do dogs perceive human faces?
• Why do some scientists think dogs’ emotional experience is even greater than ours?

Filled with adorable full-color photographs and instructive illustrations, this insightful “dog decoder” will soon make you dog’s best friend.

Genre: Animal Training/ How-To Guide

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Have you ever wondered why pets behave the way they do? Do they have dreams? What they say when they wail or squeal? What the wagging tail tells you?

Victoria Stilwell can answer on these and many other questions that people have about their pets….Lots new information. I will give it to my special sister who has soft heart and passion toward animals.

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