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Flower in the Hills by Norma Jean Lutz

Little description:Dark Foreboding Brooding Sinister

That’s how Latina Harmen viewed the Ozark hills. And she didn’t want to be here anyway!

Latina Harmen knew she was going to hate Missouri. “There’s nothing in Missouri!” she had told her father when he announced they were to spend the summer there.

And now she knew she had been one hundred and ten percent right.

Latina had taken for granted that she would be spending another happy summer vacation with her friends at Periwinkle Cove on the East Coast. After all, her family had spent summers there as long as she could remember.

Now, in the summer before her senior year, fate said she would be stuck in a hick town with no one around but her boring parents and bratty younger brother.

How could she have guessed the beauty that lay waiting for her in those brooding hills? How was she to know she would meet fascinating people, and that she would learn more about herself than she’d ever known?

How was she to know she would meet a special someone whose friendship and support would change her life forever?

˃˃˃ Whisk Back to a Simpler Time…

This young adult romance whisks readers back to a simpler time, before Internet and cell phones. A sweet story that will hold the reader captive to the very last page!

˃˃˃ Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection

The Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection includes re-released titles of previously-published teen novels. I hear from parents and teens alike who are searching for novels that are fresh and clean and yet full of compelling adventure!

This is why I made the decision to bring back the novels that I authored in the 80s and 90s. Reading audiences deserve a choice and I want to give them that choice.

These story plots are timeless; such stories never grow out of style in spite of the fact they were penned several decades ago. The first title in the Classic Collection is Flower in the Hills.

Genre: YA Fiction

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Coming to Missouri was the best idea for Mr. Harmen. That’s why he brought the whole family here to spend summer, while he would finish his research project. Grateful for the place to stay, he comes to like the people and this old homely farmhouse. While he enjoys the scene, with no stress of city/ town life: shopping lines, gas station jam, car traffic, nor technology overload.  His daughter, Latina, does not share dad’s enthusiasm. She hates being here, the forsaken and slow land, filled with strangers and even less places to visit. For her, this year vocation is ruined. Struggling to connect even with the nature, she keeps away from native people, especially the blue-eyed young man who always laughs at her with his eyes. How dare he is! But every time she goes somewhere, he always catches her off guard.

Once she even wondered off to the old mill, but with a new storm brewing on the horizon, she assumed it would pass quickly. But to her horror, the rain continued to keep pouring. With the water rising, she was trapped in the mill. With no one around, and her family had no knowledge she was here, Latina panicked. She tried to run, but end up going in circles. 

She had no where to go. It’s the end, she wondered. But she herd someone calling her. The same young man she came to despise, the one who always laughed at her, he was there on other side of the water… After being rescued and fed, she learned alot about her rescuer, Tully Clause. 

Loved the story… Just don’t want to give out too much, I would say more surprises and dark secrets come later in the story, with the traps that cough one bad thief.

Provided by author as a complementary copy for my opinion and review.