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Grace and the Preacher by Kim Vogel Sawyer.

Little description: At the age of twenty-four, postmistress Grace Cristler has all but given up hope of finding a husband among the narrowing group of eligible men in her town of Fairland, Kansas. But when her uncle decides to retire from the pulpit, Grace is responsible for corresponding with the new preacher set to take his place. She can’t deny the affection growing in her heart for Reverend Rufus Dille—a man she deeply admires, but has only met through his letters.

Theophil Garrison is on the run from a past and a label he’s desperate to escape. Ten years ago, his outlaw cousins convinced him to take part in a train robbery, but Theo fled the scene, leaving his cousins to face imprisonment. Now their sentence is complete, but the plan for vengeance has only just begun. Branded a coward and running for his life, a chance encounter could provide Theo with the escape he needs. 

But the young man’s desperate con might come at an enormous price for the tenderhearted Grace—and the entire town. Will Grace’s undeserved affection and God’s mercy make something beautiful from the ashes of Theo’s past?

Genre: Christian Romance/ Fiction

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

What a thrill Grace had when she saw the letter from him, the new young minister who agreed to come and take over the church. Familiar with his handwriting, she found new feelings of admiration and longing wash over her… Finally, she might have a soulmate… he is a preacher and she comes as the only niece of the Reverend  Philimon, at least all the ladies in the Church made talk of their wedding. Smitten by the news of his coming, she looked forward to it.

But she never planned that God had some other plan to perform. With the ruptured appendix Rufus Dile, the preacher, died few towns away… On the last,dying breath, he asked his rescuer, Theofil, a complete stranger to bring massage to his Grace that it seems he would not be coming….

Theophil knew if he would pursue the dead man wish-to bring the massage, he’ll be captured by his evil cousin who had only one thought in mind.. revenge and kill. The way to town would cut his road by half and will give the advantage to his pursuers… But he knew that he is not the coward. He led his horse toward the town.

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