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The Story Travelers Bible by Tracey Madder and Tim Crecelius

Little description: Join Lana, Munch, and Griffin on the adventure of a lifetime as they travel through the Holy Land and learn about the stories, cultures, people, and places of the Bible. High-quality illustrations, engaging sidebars, and scripture passages draw kids into the narrative. The Story Travelers Bible teaches kids that the Bible is more than just a bunch of tales told by parents and Sunday school teachers, but the Bible documents God’s work in and for His people from the beginning of time. The Story Travelers Bible will take kids on a ride through 85 Bible stories.

Genre: Children’s Bible

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

What an adventure they had! Lana, Munch and Griffin had never imagined to learn about God, flying through the course of Bible creation and every event that took place on Earth, recorded in the Word of God. 

A fun book, packed with flying and adventure. What a way to learn about creation, meet Adam and Eve, be on the Noah’s Ark, and fight with Samson… or to appear in the lions’ den ..yakes…full of hungry lions, but Danial’s calm feature gave reassurance to kids about God Who was in control,even in that scary moment.

Cute book for little kids, with amazing illustrations…85 full illustrated Bible stories will transport all young and older into Bible times… It contains fun facts, passages to think about, verses to learn by heart…

PS. Tyndale House Publishers  has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.