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The Truth About Angels by Tony Evans

Little descriptionHow much do you know about angels?

Few supernatural beings are of more speculation than angels. In art we see them depicted as chubby babies and fierce, radiant warriors. Sometimes they wield swords; other times a bow and arrow surrounded by floating hearts. Some have halos; some do not. Clearly we’re confused.

In The Truth About Angels, Tony Evans goes to the Scriptures to set the record straight. He clearly and simply explains who angels are, what they do, and it what it all means for the everyday lives of believers.

A short, practical, and engaging book, The Truth About Angels is a one-stop guide to the role of angels in the world and eternity. It will help you fight the good fight of faith

Genre:  Christian Living/ Theology/ Spiritual Living

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

The invisible realm always attracts people, whether to shrink from horror and fear or to plunged in and practice the spiritual elements…. 

Tony Evans gives a powerful punch with a Biblical teachings about angels. He talks about angels as a powerful beings, having emotions, will and intellect greater than Aman’s beings… There are two camps: angels who loyal to God and demonic beings. They understand the levels of authority and goes in tribes with ranks.

What I love about the book, is the truth that Satan was never a rival to God; he is a mere creation. God is Creator and no creation can become the same level of authority, power, and rank. God holds Satan and his band on a short leash, and there is a line drawn by God that enemy cannot pass through. What then Satan battles and oppose in the matter and time space? He battle the Armies of God over the Adam’s race… He battles over us: to kill, to destroy and to steal… That’s why we need to stand under God’s authority, it’s were the enemy stands no chance to win; for Jesus’ blood and God’s authority stands above all the powers and forces.

Provided by Moody Publishers as a complementary copy for my opinion and review.