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Princess Prayers {The Princess Parables} by Crystal Bowman, Jeanna Young & Jacqueline Johnson

Little description:

Good morning, Lord, it’s time to rise.

The sun is shining bright.

I’ve got my day ahead of me,

so help me do what’s right.


Help me to be kind and good

and do my very best

to show my love for you today

so others will be blessed.

Princess Prayers includes fifteen sweet prayers for little girls who want to live like princesses for God their King. Prayers are included for girls to be able to pray and learn alongside princess Grace, Hope, Faith, Charity, and Joy. Every little girl is a princess, and this padded cover board book will help them engage with Scripture and discover how to open their hearts to God.

Genre: Christian / Children’s Book/ Prayer

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

The most lovely and exciting stories ever told for the little girls in any kingdom and epoch.  “The Princess Parables” has the line of books, and even activity books with stickers. But now  the continues prayer book would be a great collection to any princess.

With the greatest Biblical lessons entwined into the 5 Princesses’ lives, the girls will take risky yet interesting adventures on the way to learn most important truths.

Love the cover: a glitter of gold embracing the curtains and butterflies, though it’s not showing on the picture.

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