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Egypt’s Sister {The Silent Years} by Angela Hunt

Little description:Five decades before the birth of Christ, Chava, daughter of the royal tutor, grows up with Urbi, a princess in Alexandria’s royal palace. When Urbi becomes Queen Cleopatra, Chava vows to be a faithful friend no matter what–but after she and Cleopatra have an argument, she finds herself imprisoned and sold into slavery. 

Torn from her family, her community, and her elevated place in Alexandrian society, Chava finds herself cast off and alone in Rome. Forced to learn difficult lessons, she struggles to trust a promise HaShem has given her. After experiencing the best and worst of Roman society, Chava must choose between love and honor, between her own desires and God’s will for her life. 

Genre: Christian Fiction

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Wow! This book is amazing yet it tells a story of hardship, betrayal and lack. Chava comes as a royal playmate to Princess Urbi. Nothing can break their trust and friendship as long as they lived, especially after Urbi performed the blood vow to never forget each other. The girls lack of nothing, having the best Egypt could ever give them. Nothing stood on their way of being whatever they wanted to be at the royal palace. Chava never saw the difference between her and the pharaoh’s daughter, because she knew that she would always love and serve Urbi. But her dad wasn’t that sure, he talled her that they are different: Chava comes from the Jewish lineage and Urbi is  Egyptian princess. The time went on, when Chava started to read scrolls and started to help her dad on learning the names of God. She was curious and learned a lot of things from the scrolls and writings, and with that curiosity questions started to come, especially how their God spoke to her people. After a while she started to listen if God would talk to her, but when He did she was afraid to share the massage, which bound her connection and sealed Urbi’s fate for worth.

Lovely story of the Jewish girl born in the Alexandria, so tragically tied to the most famous person in Egypt, the girl called Urbi which would be known as Cleopatra in her adult life.

Provided by Bethany House Publishers as a complementary copy for my opinion and review.