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Leading KidMin: How to Drive Real Change in Children’s Ministry by Pat Cimo &  Matt Markins

Little description:Want to see your church’s kids transformed for Jesus? Struggling to get the whole church on board? Know what you want to see happen, but not how to make it happen

Leading KidMin is about what it takes to achieve big-time change. Moving past the “why” and getting straight to the “how,” Leading Kidmin provides tools and strategies for actually leading, influencing, and implementing change on a local church level—all from the vantage point of the children’s ministry director.   

The mission of Leading KidMin is to create a movement of change-agents who don’t just know that change is needed, but are equipped to make it happen, leading their churches in becoming more aligned, effective, and geared for growth.

Pat Cimo and Matt Markins, veterans of KidMin, are prepared to make you the change-agent you want to be—and that your church needs you to be. Are you ready?

Genre:  Christian Living/ Bible Study/ Children’s Ministry

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Bringing change to the stuck or dyeing kid’s ministries is the main goal of the book… Change is never easy, because we have to be open to constructive critiques and being able to let go the things we love in order to bring in the best change needed to transform the very heart of ministry for kids… Like the authors noted, the parents bring kids to the church services and Sunday Schools, hoping that teachers of the class will bring some spiritual truth into the souls of their kids. The truth is that God puts the very responsibility to teach and grow kids in spiritual realm, He puts on parents in every day settings. It’s not enough to have one hour learning about the Word once a week. Where is the application part of the Word which helps kids to apply the learned truths and ways in their lives daily?

So the book digs deeply into the important changes that needed to be taken in kid’s ministries… In part one, the emphasis is made on helping others see what the leaders of the kid’s ministry see: on how to break the trend cycle and actually lead. To find and define the clarity for the leaders and for others who are involved in that area. To be brave to run toward the problems. Part two brings in the influence of the kid’s ministry with the grander vision of the church. Learn to align to a larger vision. One of the main lessons would be how leaders can be students of the senior pastor. Building partnerships that work. In part 3 learn to lead within. What “Aha” moments your KidMin needs? Find and define your leadership voice… The journey begins from you and I, the change starts form us!

Provided by Moody Publishers as a complementary copy for my opinion and review.