On My Bookshelf: The Kill Fee


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The Kill Fee (Poppy Denby Investigates Book#2) by Fiona Veitch Smith

Little description:Poppy Denby, Arts and Entertainment Editor at The Daily Globe, covers an exhibition of Russian Art, hosted by White Russian refugees, including members of the surviving exiled Romanov Royal family. There is an armed robbery, a guard is shot, and the largest Fabergé Egg in the collection is stolen. The egg itself is valuable, but more so are the secrets it contains within – secrets that could threaten major political powers. Suspects are aplenty, including the former keeper of the Fabergé Egg, a Russian Princess called Selena Romanova Yusopova. The interim Bolshevik Russian ambassador, Vasili Safin inserts himself into the investigation, as he believes the egg – and the other treasures – should all be restored to the Russian people. Poppy, her editor Rollo, press photographer Daniel, and the other staff of the Globe are delighted to be once again in the middle of a sensational story. But, soon the investigation takes a dark turn when another body is found and an employee of the newspaper becomes a suspect… The race is on to find both the key and the egg – can they be found before the killer strikes again?

Genre: Historical/ Mystery/ Crime Fiction

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My thoughts: 4 stars out of 5

In The Kill Fee, two main characters dominate the story… Two female personas with strong personalities, past mistakes, brave and courageous in time of trouble, and in love with a mystery. Poppy Denby, the minister’s daughter, running as a reporter at The Daily Globe, finds the  crime following her in every place she goes. Princess Selena Yusopova, one of the keeper of the royal Russian fimily’s treasures, finds the Faberge Egg missing from the exhibition. 

Fiona Veitch Smith write a superb mystery, including lots of historical facts about Royal Russian family. She places two main characters in the London 1920…with lots of action and intricate details that follows Poppy in the investigation.

Lots of political stands occurring at that time in London society, great characters and plot development. 

One thing that was hard for me to follow is the timeline, it was jumping back and forth, confusing me in times.

PS. Ginny K. from Kregel has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


On My Bookshelf: The Story Travelers Bible


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The Story Travelers Bible by Tracey Madder and Tim Crecelius

Little description: Join Lana, Munch, and Griffin on the adventure of a lifetime as they travel through the Holy Land and learn about the stories, cultures, people, and places of the Bible. High-quality illustrations, engaging sidebars, and scripture passages draw kids into the narrative. The Story Travelers Bible teaches kids that the Bible is more than just a bunch of tales told by parents and Sunday school teachers, but the Bible documents God’s work in and for His people from the beginning of time. The Story Travelers Bible will take kids on a ride through 85 Bible stories.

Genre: Children’s Bible

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

What an adventure they had! Lana, Munch and Griffin had never imagined to learn about God, flying through the course of Bible creation and every event that took place on Earth, recorded in the Word of God. 

A fun book, packed with flying and adventure. What a way to learn about creation, meet Adam and Eve, be on the Noah’s Ark, and fight with Samson… or to appear in the lions’ den ..yakes…full of hungry lions, but Danial’s calm feature gave reassurance to kids about God Who was in control,even in that scary moment.

Cute book for little kids, with amazing illustrations…85 full illustrated Bible stories will transport all young and older into Bible times… It contains fun facts, passages to think about, verses to learn by heart…

PS. Tyndale House Publishers  has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.




On My Bookshelf: Kima


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Kima by A.H. Amin

Little description:Christmas Eve 1928 gave birth to a yearly phenomenon in South Africa. A herd of false killer whales were found beached upon the shore. It has also given birth to the story of two young children who meet an old woman named Kima. Kima somehow knows why this has happened, but that’s not all she knows. The children, Alex and Alice, realize that there is more to this woman that what meets the eye, and ear. She will reveal to them a tale, a mysterious story she claims was passed on to her by a mythical Black Seagull. Derived from both historic tales and figures, Kima is a fictional character portrayed in a way that makes her become real.

Genre: Children Fiction

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Have you ever took a hide-and-seek play outside on the beach during the night…without any adults? Well, Alex and Alison did. How sure they were to come and go unnoticed, the thrill of having their own adventure made them blind to the dangers of the beach in South Africa, their home. Under cover of night and the light from the stars, they kept going with their game…until Alex came tripping on the false killer whales. Scared to wits, he ran out. With the terrible experience and misadventure, he refused to talk… Taken to the hospital, and under the supervision of the medics, he still didn’t utter a word. Alison realized it was her fault that her brother became that way. With a guilty heart, she meets Kima… But that woman is someone else. With more secrets and mystery about her, Kima tries to help Alex and Alison to heal… Her well-weaved tales transforms kids, opening the world to greater experiences. Through the stories, the wise woman taught them not to be afraid and trust their heart.  She seeded the lessons about the environmental awareness through the wolf, dolphin, and whale’s quest…

The book is really easy to read. From the first pages, the author weaves the mystery and mischief in the story…

Provided by author as a complementary copy for my opinion and review.

On My Bookshelf: Grace and the Preacher


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Grace and the Preacher by Kim Vogel Sawyer.

Little description: At the age of twenty-four, postmistress Grace Cristler has all but given up hope of finding a husband among the narrowing group of eligible men in her town of Fairland, Kansas. But when her uncle decides to retire from the pulpit, Grace is responsible for corresponding with the new preacher set to take his place. She can’t deny the affection growing in her heart for Reverend Rufus Dille—a man she deeply admires, but has only met through his letters.

Theophil Garrison is on the run from a past and a label he’s desperate to escape. Ten years ago, his outlaw cousins convinced him to take part in a train robbery, but Theo fled the scene, leaving his cousins to face imprisonment. Now their sentence is complete, but the plan for vengeance has only just begun. Branded a coward and running for his life, a chance encounter could provide Theo with the escape he needs. 

But the young man’s desperate con might come at an enormous price for the tenderhearted Grace—and the entire town. Will Grace’s undeserved affection and God’s mercy make something beautiful from the ashes of Theo’s past?

Genre: Christian Romance/ Fiction

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

What a thrill Grace had when she saw the letter from him, the new young minister who agreed to come and take over the church. Familiar with his handwriting, she found new feelings of admiration and longing wash over her… Finally, she might have a soulmate… he is a preacher and she comes as the only niece of the Reverend  Philimon, at least all the ladies in the Church made talk of their wedding. Smitten by the news of his coming, she looked forward to it.

But she never planned that God had some other plan to perform. With the ruptured appendix Rufus Dile, the preacher, died few towns away… On the last,dying breath, he asked his rescuer, Theofil, a complete stranger to bring massage to his Grace that it seems he would not be coming….

Theophil knew if he would pursue the dead man wish-to bring the massage, he’ll be captured by his evil cousin who had only one thought in mind.. revenge and kill. The way to town would cut his road by half and will give the advantage to his pursuers… But he knew that he is not the coward. He led his horse toward the town.

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On My Bookshelf: Flower in the Hills


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Flower in the Hills by Norma Jean Lutz

Little description:Dark Foreboding Brooding Sinister

That’s how Latina Harmen viewed the Ozark hills. And she didn’t want to be here anyway!

Latina Harmen knew she was going to hate Missouri. “There’s nothing in Missouri!” she had told her father when he announced they were to spend the summer there.

And now she knew she had been one hundred and ten percent right.

Latina had taken for granted that she would be spending another happy summer vacation with her friends at Periwinkle Cove on the East Coast. After all, her family had spent summers there as long as she could remember.

Now, in the summer before her senior year, fate said she would be stuck in a hick town with no one around but her boring parents and bratty younger brother.

How could she have guessed the beauty that lay waiting for her in those brooding hills? How was she to know she would meet fascinating people, and that she would learn more about herself than she’d ever known?

How was she to know she would meet a special someone whose friendship and support would change her life forever?

˃˃˃ Whisk Back to a Simpler Time…

This young adult romance whisks readers back to a simpler time, before Internet and cell phones. A sweet story that will hold the reader captive to the very last page!

˃˃˃ Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection

The Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection includes re-released titles of previously-published teen novels. I hear from parents and teens alike who are searching for novels that are fresh and clean and yet full of compelling adventure!

This is why I made the decision to bring back the novels that I authored in the 80s and 90s. Reading audiences deserve a choice and I want to give them that choice.

These story plots are timeless; such stories never grow out of style in spite of the fact they were penned several decades ago. The first title in the Classic Collection is Flower in the Hills.

Genre: YA Fiction

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My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

Coming to Missouri was the best idea for Mr. Harmen. That’s why he brought the whole family here to spend summer, while he would finish his research project. Grateful for the place to stay, he comes to like the people and this old homely farmhouse. While he enjoys the scene, with no stress of city/ town life: shopping lines, gas station jam, car traffic, nor technology overload.  His daughter, Latina, does not share dad’s enthusiasm. She hates being here, the forsaken and slow land, filled with strangers and even less places to visit. For her, this year vocation is ruined. Struggling to connect even with the nature, she keeps away from native people, especially the blue-eyed young man who always laughs at her with his eyes. How dare he is! But every time she goes somewhere, he always catches her off guard.

Once she even wondered off to the old mill, but with a new storm brewing on the horizon, she assumed it would pass quickly. But to her horror, the rain continued to keep pouring. With the water rising, she was trapped in the mill. With no one around, and her family had no knowledge she was here, Latina panicked. She tried to run, but end up going in circles. 

She had no where to go. It’s the end, she wondered. But she herd someone calling her. The same young man she came to despise, the one who always laughed at her, he was there on other side of the water… After being rescued and fed, she learned alot about her rescuer, Tully Clause. 

Loved the story… Just don’t want to give out too much, I would say more surprises and dark secrets come later in the story, with the traps that cough one bad thief.

Provided by author as a complementary copy for my opinion and review.

On My Bookshelf: After Acts


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After Acts by Bryan Litfin

Little description:What really happened after Acts?

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the biblical characters after Acts—from the well-known Matthew to the lesser-known Bartholomew—then this book is for you. Join Dr. Bryan Litfin as he guides you through Scripture and other ancient literature to sift fact from fiction, real-life from legend. 

Skillfully researched and clearly written, After Acts is as accurate as it is engaging. Gain a window into the religious milieu of the ancient and medieval church. Unearth artifacts and burial sites. Learn what really happened to your favorite characters and what you should truly remember them for.

  • Did Paul ever make it to Spain? Was he beheaded in Rome?
  • Is it true that Peter was crucified upside down?
  • Was the Virgin Mary really bodily assumed into heaven?

The book of Acts ends at chapter 28. But its characters lived on. 

Genre:  Christian Living

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My thoughts: 4 stars out of 5

I am taking this book not as a valuable resource of theology, but the theory of what might have happened to the apostols after Acts. Questions did rise up on the events taken place from the Judea and Jerusalem after the Pentecost. Then the History filled in the gaps between the first group of Christians til modern-day Christians. 

The author gives his insight on what happened later…even though Acts had closed the last chapter, but the lives of many continues to act, live and manifest for God’s Kingdom…

Provided by Moody Publishers as a complementary copy for my opinion and review.


On My Bookshelf: How is Your Soul


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How’s Your Soul by Judah Smith

Little description:Judah Smith, New York Times bestselling author of Jesus Is ______, explores what it looks like to cultivate a healthy soul in the midst of a busy life and points readers to the soul’s only true home and place of rest and fulfillment: God.

“How’s your soul?” 

It may seem like an odd question, but it’s what pastor and bestselling author Judah Smith chooses to ask his friends, rather than “How are you?” It’s a way to look past the externals and consider what’s going on inside, in that essential part of us that is often overlooked in the struggle to make our way through everyday life.

In the rush of living moment to moment, many of us find ourselves simply surviving, struggling daily with frustration, restlessness, boredom, and ever-fleeting joy. But if we would pause, we’d find that the things that matter most in life, what we are searching for in our busyness—stability, peace, hope, love—are rooted in the health of what Judah calls the “inside you.” 

In How’s Your Soul?, Judah explores that “inside you.” Sharing his own, often humorous, mistakes and foibles, he helps us find our way through the emotional roller coasters of life to discover the soul-healing essentials of rest, responsibility, restraint, and relationships, all rooted in what he calls the soul’s only true home—God himself.

How’s Your Soul? is an invitation to find lasting emotional satisfaction and stability by bringing our feelings into alignment with God’s truth, moving beyond simply surviving, and learning how to live each day with eternal significance.

Genre: Christian Living/ Religious

Find the book on Amazon here.

My thoughts: 4 stars out of 5

What a question Judah Smith asks! A true state of our soul is important to be and to live to the fullest. He explains how the human soul operates and the vitality to keep it guarded and happy to be fruitful and successful. 

What a great reality of the soul, as Judah Smith states, it is the only true home, where God resides and moves, creating the new creature in us as the Author and Finisher of our salvation. The soul is the place of our being too. We need soul check-ups, to make it whole again, without hurt and wounds. The soul cannot prosper were wounds and thorns grow, so we need the healing touch of Jesus.

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On My Bookshelf: Born After Midnight


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Born After Midnight by A.W. Tozer

Little description:Will you press into heaven at the expense of earth?

It has been said that revivals are born after midnight. This is not because midnight is a magic hour—it isn’t—but because anyone truly desiring renewal doesn’t tire at seeking it.

Born After Midnight stirs us toward renewal. Be it in the realm of money, worship, worry, or prayer, A. W. Tozer applies God’s high wisdom to our everyday living to show how sin is bitter and Christ is sweet, helping us crave heaven and lose our taste for the world.

If you will take God for who He says He is, trust His promises as true, and forsake the world in clutching for heaven, it will cost you everything. But it will give you eternity. Born After Midnight invites you to seek what cannot be lost.

Genre:  Christian Living/ Theology

Find the book on Amazon here.

My thoughts: 5 stars out of 5

A. W. Tozer was  a strong theologian, who could explain main topics of Christianity and Christian living… In Born After Midnight he wrote about faith is a journey, not a destination. What do we do after we’ve got saved? Topics like keys to life, power of God, words and deeds, lust vs spiritual, the reality of God as the Light vs the reality of devil as a shadow, our focus on God, the greatness came to serve, the power of sanctifies thought, quality of living, humble heart, refined, return the “Oh!” in our prayers, little matter the most.

Strong theological points.

Provided by Moody Publishers as a complementary copy for my opinion and review.


On My Bookshelf: Talk Yourself Happy


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Talk Yourself Happy by Kristi Watts

Little description:Former cohost of The 700 Club Kristi Watts reveals the pitfalls that keep Christians from true joy and demonstrates the transformational power of speaking the words and promises of God.

How does a person bounce back after being beaten down personally, professionally, and emotionally? What impact do words, thoughts, and beliefs have in determining one’s level of happiness? Kristi Watts asked herself these questions after her marriage dissolved and she left a high-profile position as a cohost of The 700 Club. Initially excited to walk into a new season of life that she thought held the key to happiness, she soon stumbled into emotional pitfalls that left her discouraged, disappointed, and distant from God. Known as the upbeat host who was always filled with joy and laughter, she was anything but—yet she was determined to get her happy back! But how? By learning, as Kristi did, that true happiness is not simply acquired but rather cultivated.

When one’s words focus on faulty perspectives, faith is quickly derailed, but by remembering God’s blessings and verbally claiming His promises, hearts change. Using biblical principles, Talk Yourself Happy illustrates the importance of relying on God to tame our tongues and train our minds, and it exposes the hidden traps that keep Christians from living lives of happiness, empowering readers with the ultimate transformation of their hearts.

Genre: Christian Living/ Religious

Find the book on Amazon here.

My thoughts: 4 stars out of 5

Kristi Watts has a bubbly personality, but also a genuine faith in God… With her personal experience on divorce,  being a single mom, and raising her boy, she shares how she came out from being broken, worthless, lonely, and rejected to be joyful, Christ-like person who roots in the Word of God and bring encouragement into other’s lives.

Journey with her to become happy again in the fullness of it….

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Ricotta Spinach Tortellini made by Sumith Babu



If you go to a good restaurant you could see they have used many techniques to embellish the dish to stimulate your appetite. One of the main components of this food styling is the focal point of your plating. That is where mainly our eyes get attracted. It can be either in the centre, or […]

PS. This dish is made by Sumith Babu and all credits goes to him… Check 0ut more of his fabulous dishes in this sitekeralaslive.com

via Easy way of styling a dish – Ricotta spinach tortellini with Makhani sauce. — keralas.live